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Ilearn Class

Objective of NOVA Ilearn:

Digital content, PDF courseware, Lab Exercise, Cases, Teaching Slides , 24*7 accessibility, ivideo, online exam , eattendance...etc

Online Method of Instruction

If students are unfamiliar with the concept of online learning, allow IAU to provide a brief overview. IAU Online courses are an exceptionally accessible, flexible resource whether the student's goal is gaining new skills, working towards a degree, or advancing a career with a program certificate.

Standard classroom books and printed materials are typically used in combination with online lectures, assignments, and supplementary course materials. Using computer-based technologies, instructors use the online model to redesign some lecture or lab content into new online learning activities, such as case studies, tutorials, self-testing exercises, simulations, and online group collaborations.

To ensure that students will be successful, an assessment shall be made at the time of processing admissions. The survey is located on the last page of the Application for Admissions. Assessments shall be made on whether each prospective student has the skills and competencies to succeed in an online learning environment, as well as a student's access to computer, software, and internet technologies. These will be taken into consideration before admitting a prospective student into the program.

Quick list of Moodle's features:
  • Customizable content areas
  • Email Function: all students, all instructors, all groups, select user
  • Course Discussion Board - Forums
  • Student groups
  • MBA 2014 Autumn Session