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Nova International College is the outcome of the needs and desires expressed by many parents from different corners of the Nepalese society to get professional and practical courses in higher to cope with the emerging situations of globalization and liberalization of the economic sectors. Nova International College is designed to devote to the total development of an individual to create a learning environment that promotes and enhances a person’s potential to succeed in his/her personal and professional life of the changing situation in the country and abroad. The college is located at Minbhawan, Newbaneshwor, in the heart of Kathmandu city. It aims to earn worldwide fame for educational par- excellence through its commitment to personalized instruction, quality research and thriving community involvement. Presently, it is conducting Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with the affiliation to Delta International University (DIU), USA (Formerly affiliated to International American University, California, USA, where Delta is connected.).


NOVA is an outstanding center of knowledge and academic excellence producing bright and brilliant graduates and post-graduates from all economic and social groups in ever growing disciplines that are on high demand from private, corporate and government sectors within Nepal and abroad.


Nova helps students learn to set defi nite goals; nurture their abilities, thereby bringing out the best in them; and help them to develop a true sense of confi dence. It aims at producing competent professional managers and entrepreneurs.