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Our Facilities


The college has full fledged library with required number of textbooks, reference books, magazines, and daily & weekly newspapers.

Computer Lab

The college has a well-equipped computer lab with latest personal computers. The students can use the computer under guidance of lab assistant and concerned teachers according to the schedule. 24 hours computer internet facilities will be provided to all students.


The college is fully equipped with sports accessories. The college also encourages active participation of students in different games like football, cricket, basketball etc..


The college has a modern cafeteria which serves delicious and fresh breakfast, meal, bakeries, tea and coffee, cold drinks and snacks.

Why American Degree in Nepal?
  • To get degree of Nepal and America at once
  • To get American world class degree in reasonable price
  • To cope with globalization
  • To find out the market all over the world
  • To get competitive advantage over competitors
  • To get direct and 100% credit transfer to American Universities
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