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Admission Details


To be admitted in the institute as a regular student, the candidate must be 18 years of age and must possess a higher secondary degree (plus two) recognized by the Ministry of Education or an equivalent. The candidate must be either a Nepalese citizen, or possess a student visa or ministerial authorization.

Admission Procedure

An application should be completed and submitted with an application fee of NRs.500, following documents are required during the admission time.

  1. Transcript of SLC and character certificate
  2. Transcript of mark of higher secondary degree (plus two) secondary or equivalent.
  3. Immigration document in case of foreign students.

An entrance test will be held to observe the aptitude of the student. Successful candidates are eligible for admission

Scholarship Options

We provide scholarship to deserving and needy students.


The approaches of teaching will be highly participative. For the purpose of creation effective learning; simulations, group discussion and project based techniques will be used. Computers and audio visual aids will be sufficient case analysis. Six month internship will be offered in the fourth year to provide students practical experience through a reputed business organization.

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